Rhyd-y-felin Story and Pen Olwyn Swmont turned out for the winter.








Pen Olwyn Swift (on the left) and Pen Olwyn Sherlock left to their new owners.







World champions, third time in succession, magnificient achieved by Bram Chardon, left Pen Olwyn Silver Rosa and right Pen Olwyn Seren Arian = Bas






Born 17th of May, Pen Olwyn Saffron by Pen Olwyn Saladin out of Pen Olwyn Seren Wen




Born 20th of April, Pen Olwyn Sherlock by Rhyd-y-felin Story out of Rhyd-y-felin Symwl



Born 19th of April, Pen Olwyn Swift by Rhyd-y-felin Story out of Rhyd-y-felin Say


Pen Olwyn Saladin left the yard 8th of April and travelled to the Rhyd-y-felin Stud together with his sire Bengad Waterleaf



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