For the second time Bram Chardon became Dutch Champion four in hand, well done! In front Pen Olwyn Silver Rosa and Pen Olwyn Seren Arian.













Left is Pen Olwyn Simon, he is a big scopey yearling colt now, middle and right daughters of R-y-f Story at Holger Suhr's Linebrock Stud in Germany.










In may we visited the Rhyd-y-felin stud. We were pleased to see Pen Olwyn Seren Wen out on the hill. She will run out with Lacy Jenson (s. Blackhill Picalo, d. Lacy Jade).


Left Rhyd-y-felin Silk, dam of R-y-f Story looked very well.


Rhyd-y-felin Sheri (s. Winneydene Gwyn-Emrys, d. R-y-f Sophie by Bengad Rush) born 2011, came over a few weeks later.




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