In september Bram Chardon became worldchampion four in hand in Lipica, a great achievement, here we see Silver Rosa and Seren Arian (Bas) together in front







It was big fun showing our two year old filly Pen Olwyn Seren Wen at the RWAS, she did well, was 7th in a class of 36.

Our stallion Story also sired mr. and mrs. van Beek's reserve overall section A foal.

We had a good review on the Ysselvliedt stud site.





We wish mr. and mrs. Tops all the best with Pen Olwyn Sherilyn


Here we see Rhyd-y-felin Story in the field and Brian Thompson (Penech Stud) enjoying a run with him.

Mr. and mrs. Kitzbichler from the Kai stud in Austria let us now that Pen Olwyn Tina (R-y-f Story x Blackhill Tia) did her first show with good result.

On April 10th we went to 'Horst' to see the debut of Pen Olwyn Silver Rosa (R-y-f Story x R-y-f Silver Brooch) in Bram Chardon's four in hand team. She is left behind and left fore is Pen Olwyn Seren Arian (R-y-f Shooting Star x R-y-f Silver Brooch), or as his name is now 'Bas'. In June Bram became the youngest Dutch champion ever.




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